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Comprehensive services
for all aspects of your project

We combine effective processes, innovative approaches and many years of professional experience. Whatever you commission us to do, the performance of our team justifies your trust.

General planning

We support you in the execution of your project through all work phases and all stages of detailing, from an initial preliminary study, approval and awarding of contracts through to warranty aftercare. We would be pleased to take over the overall coordination with all participating specialist companies, experts and authorities.

Construction in Existing Structures

We base our planning on your needs and requirements. We offer you innovative ideas combined with reliable planning results to avoid risks and reduce investment costs.

  • Increased performance, increased throughput, extended service period
  • (Energy) efficiency gains
  • Reduction of utility consumption and maintenance costs
  • Emission reduction
  • Automation including advanced control systems
  • Upgrading during operation


Would you like to identify the best process from the multitude of possible technologies? Do you need help in answering a specific question? We can help you with this! We process your requirements independently of manufacturers and in accordance with the latest technology.

  • Concept studies and variant analyses
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Licensing and energy studies
  • Site analyses
  • Operating costs and profitability studies
  • Scientific guidelines

Request and Contract Documents

We will be delighted to prepare detailed and reliable tender documents and technical contract documents for you. We can rely on our 20 years of experience as general planners with a large number of successfully completed bid competitions and supply contracts.

  • Functional or technically specific tenders
  • EU Procurement Procedures
  • Technical contract drafting
  • Awarding by lots and to general contractors
  • Tender evaluation and award recommendation based on TCO (Total cost of ownership)

Technical Consultation

We would be pleased to provide you with expert consultation in all questions and technical matters pertaining to our core competencies.

  • Technology comparisons
  • Inventories and analyses
  • Technical reports and opinions
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Market research
  • Mediation
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