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Waste Heat Boiler Karlsruhe Feasibility study, engineering, tendering and execution of a new FCC Waste Heat Boiler

  • Client:

    MiRO GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe
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MiRo operates an FCC-System (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) in Karlsruhe, Germany. This system generates two exhaust gas flows, which are used thermally with the FCC waste heat boiler.

DescriptionTemperatureVolume flow
Exhaust gas from FCC regenerator and firing
approx. 320 °C

approx. 370.000 Nm³/h

Exhaust gas from FCC-replacement oven
approx. 350 °C
approx. 35.000 Nm³/h

The waste heat boiler generates medium pressure steam at 14 bar and a temperature of 330 °C. It consists of two separate units: Waste heat boiler 1 as a circulation boiler, for evapora-tion and preheating and waste heat boiler 2 with economizer and final superheater.

Contractor´s role

As part of the basic engineering, a concept for the operation of the FCC-waste heat boiler was developed which allows the optimal use of the different exhaust gas flows and enables a five-year uninterrupted operation time of the system. The layout planning in the inventory includes the use of the existing structures. The scope of services provided by W + G in-cluded:
  • Feasibility study and basic engineering
  • Invitation to tender for the three lots for boilers, feed water pumps and pipes
  • Examination of the engineering of the delivery companies
  • Coordination and supervision of the implementation
The planning started in January 2013, the tendering and awarding of the boiler took place from August to December 2013. The assembly was carried out while the refinery was in full operation. The changeover took place in just three weeks while the refinery was shut down in April 2015. The FCC-waste heat boiler has been in operation since June 2015, and the expected performance data was reliably achieved.

Technical data

  • Dampfleistung:
    26 bis max. 35 Mg/h
  • Frischdampfparameter:
    330 °C / 14,2 bar
  • Gesamt-Heizfläche beider AHK:
    ca. 10.000 m²
Abhitzekessel, Raffinerie Karlsruhe
Abhitzekessel, Raffinerie Karlsruhe
Abhitzekessel, Raffinerie Karlsruhe
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