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Electric Boiler – Cogeneration Plant Karoline

  • Client:

    Wärme Hamburg GmbH
  • Completion:



The electrode boiler located inside an already existing building part of the electric power transformation substation at the Karolinenstraße was replaced due to the expiration of service life of its main components. The aim of the renewal was to replace the existing electrode steam boiler system by a warm water electrode boiler including all ancillaries, transformers, substations and control systems.

In the future the new electrode boiler will be available as a short-term and flexible ready-to-use heat generation system. The Electrode Boiler is mainly used as a peak load heat generator to secure the district heating network during the heating season. Furthermore, the new boiler in its function as a Power-to-Heat-System is going to be part of the German research program SINTEG, to provide heat for the district heating network in case of short-term oversupply of electricity produced by wind turbines in Schleswig-Holstein. In addition, the plant can be operated depending on the electricity prices on the spot market or as a fast and considerable operating reserve for the electricity network.

Contractor´s role

The scope of services provided by W+G includes the basic evaluation, the preliminary planning and the basic design, the preparation of the tender documents as well as the preparation and attendance of the detail engineering and the site supervision.

Funded by

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
Norddeutsche Energie Wende

Technical data

  • Electrode Boiler
    • District Heating power:
      1 x 45 MWth
    • Max. load change rate:
      1,5 MW/s
    • Temperature Primary System:
      max. 143 °C
  • Transformers
    • Power Transformer:
      45 MVA, 110/10,5 kV
    • Auxiliary Power Transformers:
      1.000 kVA, 10/0,4 kV
  • Power supply
    • Electrode Boiler:
      10,5 kV
    • Auxiliary Power:
      400 VAC/230 VAC
  • District heating system
    • Feed Temperature:
      190–133 °C
    • Return Temperature:
      40–60 °C
    • Nominal Pressure:
  • District Heating Pumps
    • Number:
      2 Stück
    • Flow Capacity:
      2 x 400 m³/h = 800 m³/h
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