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Refurbishment Fluidized Bed Incineration Line 2 (WSO2)

  • Client:

    Stadtentwässerung Stuttgart (SES)

  • Period:

    2016 – 2023

  • Range:

    Alle Planungsphasen der HOAI, von der Grundlagenermittlung bis zur Mängelbehebung. Zurzeit (Juni 2017) ist die Vorplanung zu ca. 50 % abgeschlossen.

  • Volume:

    ca. 80.000.000 €

  • Person in charge:

    • Martin Gutjahr (Projektleiter W+G)
    • Jochen Warnek (stellv. Projektleiter W+G)
    • Michael Gaiffi
    • Daniel Blank (EfU, Subunternehmer von W+G)
      Technische Ausrüstung
    • Arne Polaszyk
    • Michael Beck (FBI)
    • Klaus Niemann
    • Mareike Panhoff (T&N)
  • Task:

    Ertüchtigung der Linie WSO2


To achieve a long-lasting reliable plant operation, the existing incineration line WSO2 including the dewatering, drying and flue gas cleaning needs to be refurbished. The required refurbishment needs to be executed during ongoing operation of the second incineration line (WSO3). In addition incineration line WSO2 shall be operated during the refurbishment breaks. The following measures are foreseen:

  • Replacement of centrifuges, incl. auxiliary systems
  • Replacement of disc dryers
  • Complete replacement of the condensate system with adaptation of process
  • Refurbishment of the fluidized bed incinerator
  • Replacement of heat recovery steam generator
  • Usage of steam for electricity generation
  • New control room for both incineration lines
  • New flue gas cleaning concept consisting of a hybrid conditioned dry and wet chalk-based system

    • Swap of one existing electrical precipitator versus a fabric filter
    • Conversion of the washing system
    • Addition of a reaction chamber
    • Addition of a gypsum dewatering system


The scope of services provided by W + G includes the basic evaluation, the preliminary planning and the basic design, as well as the approval planning. Detail Engineering and site supervision is to be ordered in a later stage. The project is executed in cooperation with the partner companies fbi, EfU, Sweco and IBR.

Technical data

  • Type of incinerator:
    Fluidized bed
  • Number of lines:
  • Incineration capacity:
    4 MgTR/h
  • Sewage sludge capacity dewatering system:
    2,6 MgTR/h
  • Average NCV:
    11 MJ/kgTR
  • Gross heat capacity:
    11 MWth
  • Steam parameters:
    435 °C / 70 bar (a)
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