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Our expertise lies in the planning of plants in the environmental and energy sector.
Sewage Sludge

Sewage Sludge

We are specialists for all components of a sewage sludge incineration plant from pre-treatment, storage, dewatering, drying and the core of the incineration and boiler to exhaust gas cleaning; including auxiliary plants and logistics.

  • New planning and renewals/extensions
  • Fluidized bed incinerators
  • Thermal oil/steam boiler plants
  • Dry and wet exhaust gas cleaning systems
  • Drying technologies incl. condensate treatment
  • Turbine, generator, water-steam cycle
District Heating

District Heating

Our extensive experience in the planning of district heating plants includes the decoupling of district heating from existing plants as well as the planning of decentralized pump stations, CHP and turbine plants.

  • Exhaust gas heat recovery
  • Heating and cogeneration plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Potential analyses incl. simulation
  • Electrode boiler
  • Heat exchangers and heating condensers


Our core competence is thermal waste treatment with all the associated process steps – it is here we offer you professional engineering services for all technical tasks.

  • Grate/boiler technologies
  • High performance boiler with reheating
  • Mechanical and biological waste treatment, pretreatment
  • Municipal solid waste, refuse derived fuel (RDF), hazardous waste
  • Combustion control
  • Waste Cranes and Fuel Logistics


From concept development to realization, we develop customized and economically feasible solutions for all process and energy technology tasks.

  • (FCC-) Waste heat boilers and waste heat recovery from industry and refinery
  • District cooling
  • Coal substitution
  • Energy centres
  • Auxiliary and secondary systems such as compressed air, demineralised water, conveying systems and inertisation


As experts for combustion technologies, our know-how also covers the field of thermal recovery of biomass, substitute or special fuels.

  • Biomass cogeneration plants
  • Pyrolysis/gasification technologies
  • wood chips / pellets, straw, waste wood
  • Stationary/circulating fluidised bed
  • Fuel storage and transport

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