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Design of chillers HW2 (plant half 2) – District cooling City Nord

  • Client:

    Fernkälte Geschäftsstadt Nord GbR
  • Completion:

  • Location:

  • Task:

    Design of chillers HW2 (plant half 2)
  • Volume:

    ca. 6.500.000 €


To achieve a long-lasting reliable plant operation, the existing plant half 2 (HW2) needs to be refurbished. The required refurbishment needs to be executed during ongoing operation of the plant. The uninterrupted supply of cold water has the highest priority. The following measures are foreseen:
  • Replacement of old chillers
  • Addition of coolers
  • Adaptation of technology to changed climatic conditions
  • Adaptation of technology to changed consumer characteristic behavior
  • Improvement of the EER
  • Improvement of the part-load ability
  • Possibility of operation in winter
  • Replacement of pumps
  • Capacity increase of pressurized air production
  • Adaptation of electrical and control systems
  • Adaptation of civil structure to new mechanical equipment

Contractor´s role

The scope of services provided by W + G includes the basic evaluation, the preliminary planning and the basic design, as well as the approval planning. Detail Engineering and site supervision is to be ordered in a second step. The project is executed in cooperation with the partner companies fbi und IBS.

Technical data

  • Chiller type:
    Turbo compression chiller
  • Number of chillers:
  • Refrigeration capacity:
    approx. 21 MW
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