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Biomass incineration plant

  • Client:

    Vattenfall Europe New Energy GmbH Hamburg
  • Location:

  • Completion:

  • Volume:

    ca. 30 Mio. Euro


Vattenfall has planned a biomass incineration plant for fresh wood at the Haferweg site in Hamburg. The power plant consists of an acceptance bunker, a grate furnace with a boiler, a dry exhaust gas cleaning system, a back-pressure turbine, heat exchangers for district heating extraction and the associated periphery.

Contractor´s role

W + G was commissioned with the following services:
  • Revision and optimization of the existing design planning
  • Creation of the tender documents
  • Offer evaluation
  • Site supervision and site management
  • Quality assurance
After the tender had been carried out, Vattenfall decided not to implement the project due to changed economic conditions.

Technical data

  • Thermal output:
    25 MWth
  • Electrical power:
    5 MW
  • Thermal output:
    16 MW
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