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Refurbishment of crane system, MVA Weisweiler

  • Client:

    RWE Power AG
  • Completion:



The existing refuse cranes in the waste-to-energy plant Weisweiler are to be modernised. The complete refurbishment and automation will be executed without interrupting the continued use of the crane bridges. To facilitate the fully automatic operation, other setups such as early fire detection, video surveillance, visualisation and gate control shall be upgraded to the state of the art.


The existing waste cranes of the Weisweiler waste-to-energy plant were installed in 1996 and will soon reach the end of their nominal service life. A comprehensive modernisation will enable a fully automatic operation and significantly reduce the number of operating personnel.

The new cranes must be able to handle the current throughput of at least 360,000 Mg/a, taking the current logistics into account. The existing crane bridges and crane runways will be retained since they do not pose any future operating restrictions for the desired service life after the refurbishment. The modernised cranes shall be again equipped with rope grabs.

For the main delivery times, it planned for the time being that the crane operator shall assess the delivered waste. In the future, fully automatic operation will also be possible during delivery without a crane operator. The implications of the automatic operation with regard to visualisation, early fire detection; gate control etc. will be checked and upgraded to the state of the art.

The automated refuse cranes are expected to go into operation tentatively by the end of 2020.


w+g’s scope of services include:
  • Basic evaluation and concept design
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Evaluation of bids for the awarding of contracts
The planning services are to be carried out in co-operation with the company IB-Steinbach, which is primarily responsible for electrical engineering and control technology. IB-Steinbach is a member of the

Technical data

  • No. of refuse cranes:
    2 Stück
  • Bearing load:
    12 Mg
  • Bridge span:
    26 m
  • Grab volume:
    7 m³
  • Type of grab:
    4-rope-polyp grab
  • Throughput capacity:
    up to 400.000 Mg/a
  • Handling capacity per crane:
    ca.165 Mg/h
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