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Draft planning and tendering procedure for Renergia

  • Client:

    Real, Luzern
  • Completion:

  • Location:

    Klärwerk Gut Großlappen, München


The KVA waste incineration plant in Lucerne was commissioned in the year 1971, and its flue-gas cleaning system was modernised comprehensively in 1995/1996. Now, some 40 years after the plant was originally commissioned, plans have been made for a replacement investment at a new site which has the potential for exporting a considerable amount of energy to a paper mill.

The RENERGIA plant to be built in Perlen/Root will constitute the most modern and environmentally compatible waste incineration plant in Switzerland, with a throughput of approx. 200,000 Mg/a. By exporting steam to the adjacent paper mill, a very high level of energy efficiency can be attained. The possibility of heat recovery for district heating has also been included in the plans. The new RENERGIA is due to be commissioned in the spring of 2015.


  • Comprehensive technical concept, including dimensioning of all plant components
  • Plant layout and material flow concept
  • Site development and environment landscaping, traffic concept
  • Scheduling
  • Costing and profitability calculations
  • Architectural concept in co-operation with Deon AG
  • Draft planning
  • Tendering and award of contracts in lots
All planning work for the project was performed as a venture of the group, with Fiedler Beck Ingenieure as the subcontractor for civil engineering, and Tiede- und Neumann for flue-gas treatment. A Swiss engineering company was responsible for the electrical and control systems.

Technical data

  • Type of incineration:
    grate stoker
  • Number of lines:
  • Incineration capacity:
    200,000 Mg/a
  • Waste throughput:
    2 x 12.5 Mg/h
  • Calorific value:
    13 MJ/kg
  • Gross thermal power:
    2 x 47 MWth
  • Steam parameters:
    50 bar / 420 °C
  • Steam capacity:
    2 x 56 Mg/h
  • Generator power, max.:
    19.8 MWel
  • Export of steam to paper mill, 4 bar:
    42 MWth
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