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Refurbishment of the flue gas cleaning of three incineration lines

  • Client:

    BWB – Berliner Wasserbetriebe
  • Completion:

  • Location:

    Klärwerk Gut Großlappen, München
  • Task:

  • Volume:

    ca. 15 Mio. €


The Berliner Wasserbetriebe operates a three-line sewage sludge incineration plant in Ber-lin-Ruhleben. The exhaust gas from the fluidized bed passes through an electrostatic filter followed by a wet flue gas cleaning system for further treatment. In addition, activated car-bon is used for the reduction of mercury emissions prior to the electrostatic precipitator. To ensure a long-term reliable plant operation for at least 15 more years, the flue gas cleaning plant was substantially upgraded in all three lines and designed to handle higher pollutant concentrations. The project also included an optimization of the existing incinerators.

The following measures were implemented:

  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the scrubber including the entire periphery
  • Installation of a new venturi quench
  • Renewal and upgrading of gypsum production
  • Partial renewal and upgrading of lime preparation plant
  • Refurbishment and replacement of parts of the flue gas ducts
  • Installation of a silo for activated carbon
  • Renewal of the decanter of the waste water treatment
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the induced draft fans
  • Renewal of the switchgear
  • New temperature control system and refractory for the incinerators

Contractor´s role

All work stages, starting with basic engineering, detail engineering, tendering in 25 lots, site supervision, construction management and commissioning. wandschneider + gutjahr inge-nieurgesellschaft mbH acted as the main contractor.

Technical data

  • Sludge dewatering:
  • Sludge drying:
    stationary fluidized bed
  • Type of combustion:
    200.000 Mg OS/a
  • Incineration capacity:
    45,000 MgTR/a
  • Number of combustion lines:
  • Thermal output:
    13 MW per boiler
  • Steam parameters:
    46 bar(a) and 460 °C
  • Steam output:
    10.8 Mg/h
  • Electrical output of the turbines:
    2 x 2.4 MW
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