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District heating system, WtE Rozenburg

  • Client:

    AVR (Afval Verwerking Rijnmond)
  • Completion:

  • Location:

    Rotterdam, Niederlande
  • Task:



The waste incineration plant operated by AVR in Botlek has a total of 7 incineration lines and an annual refuse throughput of around 1.2 million Mg/a. The older lines 1 to 6 have only 2 boiler passes and produce steam at live steam temperatures of 27 bar, 360°C, which is low by present-day standards. The 7th line 0 is more modern, producing live steam at parameters of 40 bar, 400 °C. In AVR operates in addition an incineration plant for contaminated waste-water and a biomass incineration plant.

Contract 1:

W + G’s task here was to examine the feasibility of a boiler enhancement for the 6 existing boilers. This would reduce the flue-gas temperature at the boiler outlet, in turn increasing the efficiency of the plant and the performance of the flue-gas cleaning system. The measures determined for the boiler enhancement included:
  • Installation of an additional boiler pass (3rd pass)
  • Conversion of the existing heat displacement system
  • Increase in pressure at two existing boilers from 27 to 40 bar
Planning was performed as a venture of the group with Fiedler Beck Ingenieure responsible for the recontruction of the boiler house facade.

Contract 2:

Planning of a district heating station for the recovery of max. 125 MW district heat, utilising the waste heat from the water incineration plant and steam from the waste incineration plant. Plans have been made here for the use of a heat accumulator.


W + G was to provide all the services required in the following three project phases:

Contract 1:

  • Feasibility study
  • Draft planning
  • Tendering in lots (Boiler, concrete and steel construction, electrical and control systems)
Tendering in lots (Boiler, concrete and steel construction, electrical and control systems)

Contract 2:

Definition of basic requirements and draft planning for the construction of the district heating station.

Technical data

  • Type of incineration:
    Grate stoker
  • Number of lines:
  • Incineration capacity:
    1,200,000 Mg/a
  • Calorific value:
    10 MJ/kg
  • Gross thermal power:
    5 x 55 MWth + 1 x 68 MWth
  • Steam parameters:
    27 bar/360 °C + 40 bar/ 400 °C
  • Steam capacity:
    6 x 60 Mg/h + 1 x 83.7 Mg/h
  • Generator power:
    90 MW
  • Planned district heating output, max.:
    125 MWh
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