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Retrofit of turbine, WtE Leverkusen

  • Client:

    AVEA Entsorgungsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG
  • Completion:

  • Location:

  • Volume:

    ca. 22 Mio. Euro
  • Contract:

    Overall planning, senior site management and local construction supervision.


On the site of the existing waste-to-energy plant in Leverkusen, a new turbine including air-cooled condenser was to be installed to optimise recovery of energy. “Turbine 3” was to be mounted as an extraction condensing machine in a new machine house, connected to the existing plant units via a pipe bridge. Construction on the machine house was commenced in September 2009, and Turbine 3 was due to be commissioned in March 2011.

Turbine 3 was awarded in the following lots:

  • Lot 1:

  • Lot 2:

    Air condensing unit
  • Lot 3:

    Water-steam cycle
  • Lot 4:

    Machine house crane
  • Lot 5:

    Civil engineering (subdivided into 2 Lots + HVAC)
  • Lot 6:

    Electrical systems
  • Lot 7:

    Control systems


From 2008 onwards, W + G as the general planner performed all the planning work for the construction and commissioning of Turbine 3. This covered:
  • Draft planning
  • Approval planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Preparation for and assistance with award of contracts
  • Overall engineering
  • Co-ordination and monitoring of suppliers
  • Local construction supervision and senior site management
  • Facility management and documentation
General planning of the project was performed as a venture of the group, with Fiedler Beck Ingenieure as the subcontractor for the civil engineering, Eiko Selck for the electrical and control systems, and Klaus-Dieter Sladek for the approval process.

Technical data

  • Generator power:
    23,7 MWel
  • Steam parameterse:
    23 bar / 360°C
  • MP steam pressure:
    2.5 up to 4 bar
  • LP steam pressure:
    0.6 up to 1.6 bar
  • Heat extraction at 4 bar, max.:
    50 MW
  • Electrical efficiency:
    20.2 %
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