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Replacement of Backpressure Turbine Bille

  • Client:

    Vattenfall Wärme Hamburg GmbH
  • Completion:

  • Location:

  • Volume:

    ca. 2.000.000 €


2017 a fire occurred in the noise enclosure of the steam turbine located in the turbine hall of the WUW Bille in the former power plant Bille. W+G is coordinating the renovation works, and is performing planning work in order to replace the steam turbine generator set and to do the required adjustments within the Heat Transformation Plant (WUW-Wärmeumformwerk) Bille.

The following works are foreseen:

  • Cleaning of the entire building
  • Painting works
  • Refurbishment of the building’s fans
  • Refurbishment of the roof
  • Dismounting of the existing steam turbine generator set, incl. foundation
  • Repair of crane
  • Building of a new foundation
  • Manufacturing and erection of a new steam turbine generator set
  • Adaptation of the steam piping
  • Adaptation of the electrical and control systems

Contractor´s role

The scope of services provided by W + G includes the basic evaluation, the preliminary planning and the basic design, as well as the preparation of the tender documents, the attendance of the project execution and the site supervision.

Technical data

  • Turbine type:
    single stage backpressure turbine
  • Maximum flow capacity:
    74.000 kg/h
  • Generator:
    Max. apparent power
    5.000 kVA
  • Generator:
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